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Kategorie : Rap

ZAZA - 6ix9ine Dzwonki Ściągnij:

Get out my way I'm comin' through, boom
Go get your fans up, he in the dirt, go pick your mans up
Dummy, like fuck a booth, go get a strap, look
It's funny, your man is never comin' back
Boy, you dumb enough, dumb or what?
Ain't no fightin', boy, that gun is up, go try runnin' up
She keep sendin' me emoji, how she tryna fuck or what?
Girl, I'm good, already fucked enough, but you could suck me up

And we still screamin' out "Gang, gang, gang," look
Free the guys in the chain-gang-gang
Finna go insane, let it bang, bang, bang
I'ma up this chopper, get out my way